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Introduce yourself! Tell us as much (or as little) information you'd like to share. At the very least, list some interests to go with your username.
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Hi everybody,
I'm Alewife, I was born and raised in the coastal far north in and amongst very large and beautiful trees. I'm a hyperverbal autistic harsh noise trophy wife with a penchant for tangents and parentheticals, and I've been making tasty libations since 2007.
I mainly split my time between the kitchen and video games, tho I do make time for creating ttrpg stuff and "music" as I'm able. I've been engaging heavily with ttrpgs since the early 00s, but only started creating and releasing my own work in 2022. Thus far I've done a modular tower crawl for Mörk Borg (mostly, I've still yet to finish art and layout), a couple small tables/postcards for Frontier Scum, and a gauntlet-style Dracula church module for MB/CY_BORG.
I have a larger game based primarily on blades in the dark that's been waiting in the wings for a couple years now, it's a crafting/management sim focused primarily on brewing and developing a tavern with a bunch of social sim stuff on top with a Thomas Kinkade by way of Teodor Kittelsen vibe.
I bounce around between artistic mediums as a matter of necessity and because I'm fluxus trash, but my primary methods of expression are writing and audio generation/manipulation, with hand-lettering, primitive/rudimentary sketching, and nascent/developing layout proficiency on the side.
I like a lot of differing kinds of games, but especially ones that seek to combine their form, function, and themes into a more harmonious whole, because again, I am fluxus trash, so I'm addicted to process over product, and how one can use non-standard materials/techniques to reinforce one's expression.
I also like cats.
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Re: Chamai

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Dracula Church was cool as hell I gotta read your other stuff!!
welcome to paper cult alewife!!!
my games: daisy chainsaw
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