This is cool!

This is new for me and I'm excited

Introduce yourself! Tell us as much (or as little) information you'd like to share. At the very least, list some interests to go with your username.
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This is cool!

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Hey folks, Logan here.
TTRPG nerd, forest lover, haver-of-tattoos.
Also a haver of many ttrpg ideas, and sometimes they get finished.
Current idea that may or may not get finished is an RRR-inspired engine so that I can then make a game that's like RRR but with Ewan Forbes and Michael Dillon as spies.

I've not actually been on forums much before so I'm excited to be here!

Ty for having me :D
🌳 logan 🌳
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Re: This is cool!

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Welcome, glad you made it!
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