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Well not currently looking for work but I do have relevant skills in case my schedule clears up…

Posted: Thu May 25, 2023 3:25 pm
by Jonzye
So it seems like I might be screaming into the void at this point but I guess all that there is left to do but post in every thread…. Something

I am an illustrator and graphic designer who is very knowledgeable about various print processes.

You can look at my website for the kind of art that I do but I have a wide range when it comes to art materials. Silk screen printing, digital printing, package design, book layout, website design, you name it.

I have been doing graphic design for well over a decade.

I also do fine art surreal artwork and comic book type art.

The handful of ttrpg stuff I have made are all laid out and designed by me

Basically if you need your stuff to look good and you would prefer someone who knows what to send to a printer so you won’t end up with a book that’s supposed to be black but comes back brown.